It is honor for us to present you the coin funnel. In such hard economical times, donations are becoming very unfamiliar and many foundations chose the funnel as a campaign boosting tool. In many houses, in jars or piggy banks there are coins worth of a millions. They are waiting their time to be spent on some charity cause.

    We have developed our own funnel design, in which the coins are spinning in long spirals before they reach the bottom. It is made open, so nothing can’t distract the view. You may wonder why so many people are dropping coins in the funnel?

It is very simple….

     People love to watch the coins going round and round, until they are almost dizzy.  The coins are moving like they ignore the gravity, sliding down in circles to almost vertical walls of the funnel. This fascination is the base of it.

  The text below explains why they are so popular and profitable. They generate a lot more, than traditional donation box. If you are a charity organization, or just collecting money for some cause, we offer you the simplest and most powerful donation tool ever. There is a known case, where in a day 40 000 $ were collected in a church in the U.S. The best result in a school, about 7000 $.

    Our product can be seen more as a billboard, who represents your organisation and cause to a places with many visitors. This is a good way for you to attract more volunteers or contributors.  In the U.S. there places, reporting over 100 $ a day, as for a couple of years, more than 100 000 $ were donated. Those are among the highest results, but on a regular places the donations vary from 100$ to 500$. The coin funnel definitely excels the regular donation box.

      If your place is visited by many, specially children, this makes it ideal for our product. An U.S. pediatric clinic gathers donations from more than 30 funnels, placed in the big markets across the whole country. If you are representing regional or national shop network, charity or other organisations, we can help you to make your own donation program, financial plan and custom made stickers and ad panels. We are sure in your results! In contrast to the slow and tough bureaucracy for you to get sponsorship from national or private sources, the coin funnel has the ability  to start gathering funds instantly!!! No one is pushed to donate, everyone makes his own decicion!  And the best part of it is, that the people, who decide to donate, are receiving FUN, FUN, FUN!!!                                                                    

     The funnel is free of maintenance. Shops or organisations can buy and own their own donation funnels. That way, they are controlling 100% of the donated money, and they have no obligations to third parity, like the manufacturer. The best places make restaurants, shops, mall, museums, zoo, cinema or bowling, as any other place with big count of visitors. The more people, The more fun!                                                                                                  

      The donation funnel was used in different countries to gather funds in a day, or in a period of time. In example, the kids from a school in the U.S. have gathered in 45 days the full amount of money, needed for transplant surgery for their classmate. We can manufacture our product in different colors, so it will fit your environment, or just to be more attractive. We hope you like it, while scrolling through our site!

We would be glad to help you!